Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still Packing!

Yes, we are still packing! But the end is growing near!!
Our Kitchen is finished!!
Okay, so i have one cabinet left and few odds and ends!
 But it will be finished very SOON!!
And obviously my kid thinks moving is more fun if you get to play inside the empty cabinets!!
He has been such a big "help" lately!!
 He is very good at emptying boxes!
Hopefully this trait will last through next week when we will need his helpfulness!
But it's worth letting him have some fun if we get to see his smile!
With all the packing and changing of Jack's schedule the poor guy hasn't been sleeping very well.
He went from primarily sleeping in his toddler bed to sleeping in his play pen. And now he is verily sleeping at all.
 Last night he didn't fall asleep until 11pm and ended up in my bed shortly after midnight. But thankfully he did sleep in till 8:45am!!!
I'm hoping that once we get moved he will understand that things will go back to normal ASAP!
 And hopefully he will transition over to sleeping in his big boy bed without many issues!

And what about the rest of our apartment? Well honestly everything is just about packed up!! Other then a few small things(that will be packed today) we are currently living out of boxes! But it's about time to start cleaning!!

Please keep us in your prayers! We should be purchasing a car later this week!!!

Till Next Time,

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