Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey Strangers!

Things have been pretty busy for us!
For those of you who didn't know, last month we had trouble with our car...Again.
But don't worry, we got it back on Monday! 
Now we are slowly getting back to normal. 
Well we were trying...Here's what Jack did last night!
After Jack woke up from his nap he politely asked to watch a movie on our bed.
I didn't think anything of it since it's always been a special treat for him. 
And he's pretty much always behaved. 
But this time he had fun emptying out the vanity in our room.
I was not a happy mom.
But at least he got to enjoy a bubble bath!

My silly boy has also been enjoying all the rain we've been getting since it means he can go outside and look for worms!!
But now that the sun is coming out I'm hoping that he can spend more time outside!
I hope you're enjoying the spring weather too!

Be sure to head over to my Mom's new blog Kim's Path!!!
She has some really awesome photos up from her recent trip to New Zealand!

Till Next Time,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cinnamon-Swirl Bread

If you know my son then you know that Cinnamon-Swirl Bread is right up his alley!
My kid LOVES any kind of banana or zucchini bread. 
So i figured why not try some Cinnamon-Swirl bread!! 
So here's what you'll need:

4 12-5 cups flour
1 package active dry yeast
1 1/3 cups milk
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoons salt
2 eggs

In a large bowl stir together 2 cups flour and yeast.
In a saucepan heat the milk, sugar, and salt until warm. 
Then add the liquid to the flour mixture along with the eggs. 
Beat on low to medium speed for 30 seconds.
Be sure to scrape the sides of the bowl!
Then beat on high for 3 minuets.
Next add as much of the remaining flour as you can(about 2 cups).
Then turn dough onto a well flour surface and knead for 6-8mins
until you have a stiff dough that is smooth and elastic.
Then place dough in a warm place to rise until double in size.
About 45-60mins.

Here is what you will need for the Cinnamon Filling:

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons cinnamon

Mix together in a bowl, then set aside.
Once your dough has risen,
punch down the center and cut in half.
Then roll each half into a 12x7inch rectangle
and spread with butter then filling.
I actually brushed water instead of butter and it did not turn out the same. So be sure to use butter!
Then roll each rectangle into a log
pinch the seams, and place into greased loaf pans.
Let rise until doubled.
Then bake for 20-25mins in a preheated 375* oven. 
I like to melt butter over the top. 
Be sure to let the bread cool
before you enjoy a piece!

Till Next Time,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Muddy Days

Today we woke up to rain!
Jack didn't care for it to much since it meant he couldn't play outside(it was cold and windy) but once the rain stopped and the sun came out we headed outside! 
Boy did we have fun running and kicking the ball around!
 It had rained soo much that the grass was super soggy.
 Jack had fun running as fast as he could and then falling into the mud. 
 I must say that I am very thankful  for the rain!
We haven't had much snow this year, so I know that our area can really use the water. 
Once we went back inside I told Jack he could watch Little Einsteins before nap time if he took off his hat, sweatshirt, and overalls. 
Which he did, and then he quietly curled up on his chair for 30mins. 
And now I am contemplating the idea of baking some scones!

I hope you have a great day!

Till Next Time, 
Kate & Jack

Friday, March 9, 2012

Head Colds are NOT fun!

Jack and I both have horrible colds this week!!
It has NOT been fun!
So we've been drinking allot of...
Jack loves a warm cup of tea! 
Okay, so he actually really really loves a cup of hot chocolate.
But he will contently drink a cup of tea with honey.
And since both of our throats are hurting we've been drinking a lot of it!
I personally love
mint tea! 
And this brand is one of my favorites!
All I do is add a bit of  honey
And I am one happy girl!

I hope you are feeling well! 

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zebra Print Clutch

I am BEYOND excited to start offering Clutches in my Etsy Stop!
Especially this adorable Zebra Print Clutch
It is the perfect clutch to add a pop of color to any outfit!
And I think the Red inside adds a bit of class!
This Clutch is roughly 8 inches wide and 11 inches long when opened.
It also has 8 slots that are perfect for holding credit cards!
As well as a magnet closing snap.
Plus both flaps open to have plenty of room for your lip gloss, phone, keys, and other items!
And it has....
A Flower Embellishment that is to die for!!!
I am actually thinking about making some of these cuties into hair clips!
This Clutch is priced at $25.00 plus $5 shipping

Don't care for the Zebra Print & Red Fabric??
Then be sure to check back later this month for a look at a totally different clutch in...Blue!

Be sure to use Coupon Code: CLUTCH for 10% off your order! 

Till Next Time,