Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kris's Car Accident

On Sunday September 11, my husband was driving home from work and hit a cow! Yes it was a COW!
He is currently working 3rd shift most nights but on sunday night he finished early and was on his was home around 11:30pm. But while driving along a curvy road, going the speed limit, he hit a black cow.
There was no way he could have avoided it. Because of the color and angle of the cow he didn't see it until he had already hit it.
And well, a 1600 lb cow can do alot of damanage to a little Kia Rio!
But thankfully Kris was fine! He managaed to walk away with only a few tiny scratches!
When Kris spoke with the claims investigator he said that if Kris was either speeding or if he had hit the cow striaght on, the car would have flipped over and he would have been seriously hurt. So we are very thankful for how things went espically since no one was in the passenger seat!
But since this was our only vehical we are now looking to buy a new(to us) one!!
Please be sure to keep us in your prayers! On top of losing our car, dealing with insurance, and finding a new(to us) car we are still moving at the end of this month!!

Till Next Time,

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