Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blueberries are Yummy!!!

Jackson LOVES frozen Blueberries!!

So today when he so sweetly asked for a "blu-nak" I agreed! I mean honestly, how wrong can you go with blueberries? They are a berry and therefor healthy for you right? Plus i'd much rather have him asking for blueberries then chips or cookies.

So anyways, i agreed!
"Look Mom, i have a blue toungue"
He LOVES them so much,
that he even asked for more!
He than took me to the fridge where we keep the "blu-nak"!
And then procedeeded to try and break in to the fridge!

But since it will be lunch soon, his very mean momma said it he had to wait. He wasn't very happy but hopefully he will eat his lunch!! Besides, maybe he can have more this afternoon!

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