Thursday, September 1, 2011

Momma Learned her Lesson

My husband and i are kinda homebodies. And when we are home we enjoy doing our own things. He has his computers and i have my sewing. I guess it helps that our desks are just a room apart that way we can still have a conversation together. Granted we have to talk pretty loudly through the walls! :~) But our son has also inherited the ability to be happy by himself. He has always been very good about playing by himself(curse of being the 1st born). But sometimes he just gets in this werid mood of wanting to be by himself and since i have no idea where he gets it from i tend to just let him have those days!

Well, today was one of those days! He was in a great mood but he wanted to play by himself. Whenever i tried to play with him he would take my hands off his toys and then go sit somewhere else. So i decided to just turn on a movie(he's 2 so he doesn't really sit still) and let him do his own thing while i happily did my own thing in the kitchen!

Things where going pretty well until after we had lunch and played outside for a few minuets. After we came inside he started to get very clingy and finally wanted my attention. But i was at a major break thur on my project and i really wanted to finish so i could start the new step! So i turned on one of his favorite show that usually keeps him in the living room but I still try to check on him every 10mins.  But of course i got sucked into what i was doing and when i glanced at the clock and realized that his 30min show was over but he wasn't running to tell me that it was i started to wonder what was going on.  So i went to investigate and this is what i found!

Someone i know had found the Desitin Cream!
And boy did he have FUN with it!

I guess you could say that i learned the lesson of why you don't leave toddlers alone for longer then 5mins! Or your furniture might look like this!
Are you wondering how he got the Desitin cream? That's easy, he dumped the toys out of the box and then stood on it so he could reach the high shelf where the cream was sitting with the wipes. I guess I've learned another lesson about how i should always put things away! 
But hey, at least i got a couple of hours work done on some Wallets! What do you think so far??
I am hoping to have some Wallets for sale in the Shop very soon! So be sure to keep your eyes open!!

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