Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jack's Birth Story

Three years ago today my husband Kris and I arrived in L&D to have our son!
1 Week old
Boy, has time flown by!
1st Birthday
But it was sure worth it!
2nd Birthday
On Saturday May 23, 2009 we arrived at the hospital at 7am!
Immediately they got me settled into my room and placed a IV into my arm (more like my elbow).
(Kris doesn't like blood so he wouldn't watch)
Then they began me on a medication called Cervidil since I was only dilated about 1cm(if I was lucky) and Jack was sitting very low.
With this type of drug I had to be in bed for 1 hour after it was inserted and then I could get up and move around for 2 hours before the next dose was administered.
It normally takes about 3 does before your body is ready to move onto the next stage.
So it would be about 9 hours before we would see any progress at all.
My family and I had a lot of fun while we waited for things to get stated!
  My mom arrived at about 7:30.
Then my Dad arrived with breakfast around 9am
Drew arrived after he finished work (he had fun playing the DS)!
We also had a few surprise visits from church members through out the day!
By 2pm my doctor decided to stop by and give me the 3rd dose of meds.
 But when he checked me I was already dilated to 2cm and was able to go ahead and break my water!
 Since I was  having very small contractions they waited about an hour before administrating Piticon.
By 6pm I had dilated to 3-3 ½ cm and the baby was beginning to drop farther down into my pelvis.
At about 9pm I was already 4cm and I decided to go ahead and get the epidural.
 They started me off on a “walking epidural”.
So after 20mins of sitting in bed I stood up and felt absolutely NO PAIN!
The only issue I had with the "walking epidural" is that it made me a bit “loopy” in the head!
 Lol, apparently I had a lot of energy and was saying alot of crazy things!
But I really don’t remember anything at all!
 Well, maybe a couple of small moments!
 I do remember that my husband was never more then and arm length away from me!

He was wonderful!
At 10:30ish they went ahead and gave me the full epidural.
So now I had to stay completely in bed for the rest of my labor and delivery.
 My doctor also said that with my lack of improvement if by the next check (midnight) I was not dilated to 6cm then he would suggest that we go ahead and do a C-Sec.
After he left, my wonderful nurse encouraged me to wait a little bit longer since there was no improvement.
The baby and I were doing great and other then things going a bit slow there was no real reason for a C-Sec. 
So we decied to wait while my brother continued to play the DS!
 Two hours later at midnight I was only dilated to about 5cm.
 I asked my doctor if we could go ahead and wait another two hours, and he said that was fine.  
(I wish I had a picture, but just imagine my that my family is now playing FARKLE)
But at about 12:30 I was in the worse pain of my life!
I could now feel every contraction, and I was feeling a lot of pressure.
They immediately thought that something was wrong with my epidural (I shouldn’t be feeling pain), but when it was looked at it was confirmed that everything was fine.
My nurse had me sitting straight up with my legs in “Indian style” trying to see if that would help with the pressure and pain since she thought that I must be in a transition stage and things were just going to quick for the epidural to work.
I tried lying on each of my sides.
But through everything my pain was getting worse.
  Finally at about 1:45ish I was finally checked.
 I was a bit past 6cm and the baby was at 0 Station but he was turned face up.
 So with each of my contractions, he was being shoved into my pelvic bones but he just couldn’t fit through!
The pain that I was feeling was the baby being pushed into me.
It hurt worse then any of my contractions ever did.
The only choice at this time was to go ahead and do a C-Sec.
And to be honest, I was in so much pain that I just wanted it to stop!
So they immediately turned off the piticon so my contractions were much smaller, but it didn’t help the baby or I much!!!
 My doctor soon arrived to explain to us what was going to happen.
We then had the right amount of time alone to all pray together.
  I was soon being wheeled down the hall to be prepped and was given a spinal drug, while Kris was sent to wait in the hall until it was time for him to meet up with me.
 As soon as I saw him I was very relaxed.
   Kris kept talking to me and holding my hand and after a few min’s we were told to look as they dropped the curtain and we were able to see our son Jack for the first time!
I don’t remember crying.
 By this point I was just so thankful to just have Jack out safe and sound!

Soon Kris and Jack were headed down the hall to do whatever it was they did!
And of course...
Uncle Drew..And
Mrs. Gorton all got to see the baby while I was in recovery for an hour.
and my Dad had a cold so he wasn't aloud near the baby.
His poor head!
He really did try to get out but he just wouldn't fit.
   After what seemed like a lifetime my nurse(FINALLY) headed to find my family and My new baby to let them know that they could come in and see me!
So they packed things up!
 I think that was the longest 15 min’s of everything!
I of course was very drugged and like everyone else there very very tired!
But everyone loved meeting him!
Jackson Henry Radomski
 was born on Sunday May 24, 2009 at 2:25 AM
Weighing 8lbs 15oz  and 22 in long!
Through out the day we had plenty of vistors!
Including some of Kris's family from Stevens Point(2 hours away).
Another look at his head.
Grandma Marie
Aunt Lacey
Grandpa Mark
Aunt Melissa
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!
Till Next Time,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jack is Almost 3!!!

I am sooo excited!
Thursday will be Jack's 3rd birthday!!

I know, I know, he is growing up so fast!!
Just think, three years ago I was looking like this..
And in just a couple of days it will be three years since I was in labour with Jack!
 But more on that later!
Today however, I have a very active ALMOST 3 year old boy!
Who doesn't want to take a nap.

 And in just a few more days we will be turning this stuff..
Into a special Birthday Lunch for this Birthday Boy!
I hope your having a great day!
I have to get back to party planning!!

Till Next Time,