Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Last Few Days...

Have been interesting for us! On Monday night i started a new project!
Any guess on what it's going to be? Well if you've "Liked" my Facebook page then you already know that it's going to be a Toddler Backpack!
Jack & i found this adorable fabric on one of our many trips to the fabric store! & i thought that it would be perfect for a backpack for him! But i forgot to pick up some coordinating fabric for the lining. So Jack & i went shopping in my stash & guess what we found...

It's a little more...out there then what i would choose. But since he insited & it is  going to be his backpack i figure that it wouldn't hurt to use it! Especially since he so cutely said "Peaz Momma"!! How can you say no to a polite kid? Plus I'm starting to really like it now too!
But I'm sad to say that this project had to be put on hold since i don't have the clasps for the strapes on back.
Besides, i had to start work on a Custom Scarf Order!
Isn't it cute?? It's the same fabric that is used in the Zebra Print Scarf but this scarf has been widen to 10" inches plus it will not be pleated! I think it's super cute & ya never know maybe we'll be seeing some of this style later this Fall in the Shop!!

Within the midst of all these projects Jack has not been feeling well.
Poor Guy is running a 102 fever & is super crabby. We had a very long night last night. He just couldn't get comfortable & he wanted me to hold him while he slept. Daddy was at work all night so Jack was able to comfortably sleep with me. I didn't sleep to comfortably but i guess that's okay.

So today he is having a movie day while he plays in the living room.  So far he is keeping all food & liquids down & he is still actively playing!
But after a few minuets of playing he is back on the couch resting. I really hope that he starts to feel better soon since i hate seeing him sick.

How's your week going? Hopefully it's not as crazy as mine!

Till Next Time,

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