Monday, September 26, 2011


Is NO fun!! I am seriously tired of packing and I'm ready to be done!! But i still have a couple of rooms to finish up!
But at least Jack's room is looking like this!
Both his dressers are empty! Poor kid is living out of a tote in my bedroom.

**Just to let you know some of my pictures have disappeared! So I'm using the ones i have! I'm very sorry that some are blurry and that I'm missing some Before & After pics!**

I bet your wondering how the kitchen is coming along!
Well, i was able to pack up my china!
And now it looks like this!
(the before pic has magically disappeared)

Oh, and the pretty ivy that i had on top of my cabinets? 
Well, it's gone!
Thankfully our new place will have a place for me to use the ivy and other items i have!!

Our kitchen has also become the pit stop for some boxes!
This picture was taken Saturday night.
This one was taken this morning!
And yes i am working on a sewing project!! But it's going to be put on hold until i can get into that closet to reach my serger!

How is Jack responding to all this packing you ask?
Well, i think he's been enjoying it!
We are almost done packing!!
 I really only have the bathrooms and a few odds and ends to finish up!
 But then it's time to start cleaning! Which is always more fun then the packing part!
But if i stick to my schedule(which I'm already behind on) everything should be done by Thursday night!

Well I'm off to do some more packing!!

Till Next Time,

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