Thursday, September 22, 2011

Highlight & Reveiw: Custom Flowers

I really love Fabric Flowers! For someone who makes and sales items, i think it's very important that you love and use your own products!
And i can honestly say that i LOVE using my Fabric Flowers!
This past spring, Mel Murphy asked me to make her some Custom Flowers for her wedding!!
I immediately jumped at the chance!
I think they turned out so cute!
And i LOVE this color!!

So last week i sent Mel a message asking if she'd be willing to answer a few questions and she so graciously said yes!

So here's what she said!

How did you hear about Sew Simply Kate? I know Kate personally from forever ago, and found her shop on Facebook. :):)

 What item/s did you purchase?
I purchased some flower puffs for my wedding, and also won a bag!

 Are you satisfied with the color/s? Yes! Very!

 Is the size what you were expecting? Well, to be honest, no. But that's cause I'm a horrible guesstimator with size and whatnot, but they ended up being perfect for what we used them for!! :):)

 Is there anything that surprised you about the product?

Nope- they were surprisingly awesome. ;-);-) 

 How often do you use your item? Hm, not daily, but they are used for decor and everything!

Would you purchase other items from Sew Simply Kate? Absolutely. I look all the time.

What would you like to see added next into the shop? Hmmm.... I love everything. I love the scarfs, and will probably purchase one soon... I'd say you have a good selection! 

Check out Mel's BLOG to find out how she used these Flowers in her wedding!!
I think they turned out super cute!!

Here's a few Facts about Custom Flowers!

Price: $12.50
On Sale: $8.00

**In orders of over 3 Flowers, the price will be $5($3 on sale) per flower after the 3rd Flower!**
Size: The great thing about these is that i can make them in ANY size!
Colors: They are Custom Flowers so that means YOU pick out the fabrics that you want!

Style: Would you like Puff Flowers?
Posy style? You get to decide!

Back of Flowers: You get to choose... 
Hair Clips
Flower Pins are a wonderful accessory to add to any wardrobe!!

Thank you Mel for answering my questions!! And Congratulations on your new marriage!!

Please check back tomorrow!! We will be Highlighting: Scarves!!

Till Next Time,

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