Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Goal:Bedroom, Kitchen & Living Room

Today i have been busy!
I was finally able to finish my room! 

My husband would like me to move some things around, and also put pictures on the wall. 
And I still have a few other finishing touches...
But I think things are coming along very nicely!
Because we lost our office(3rd bedroom) somethings have ended up in here!
But it's okay since we've got this really great closet...
And vanity!
I was also able to add some decorations to the Kitchen and Living Room!
I'm not to crazy about the lighting but that seems to be a pretty common problem with apartments.
And i've decided that i'd like to get a bunch of different tea pots to put on the shelf.
It's also been super nice having the microwave up high!
Kris joined in the fun by putting a few things up too!
I just love this sign! I think it's the perfect touch!

Once the Kitchen was finished i headed into the Living Room to add a few touches there!
I think the ivy turned out nice.
This wonderful sewing tin came from my Dad's step-mom! 
I LOVE it!
I had originally planned to put it in the kitchen but it ended up being too tall.
 But I think it looks super cute here!
Since i love it so much I've decided that I want to do a vintage/modern sewing theme through out the rooms!
This side of the entertainment center also turned out nice!
But i'm thinking about finding a different picture to place here so this one can go on the wall!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Jack!

I still have a lot to do through out the apartment!
 Plus multiple closets to unpack and organize.

But tomorrow i'm thinking it might be a perfect day for Apple Scones!
So be sure to stop back by!

Till Next Time,

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