Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Goal: Jack's Room

Well today i tackled Jack's room!
And boy was it a mess!
Here is the closet:
Now i wasn't able to get EVERYTHING for his room unpacked.
But everything that i could reach or find in the garage did make it inside!

Here is the Clean Room:
I still need to get the rest of his kitchen set inside.
 But since Kris was sleeping i didn't feel like waking him up!
What do you think so far? Do you have any ideas?

Here's the finished closet!
I'm so glad that this shelf is in his closet!! It will be perfect since he has a LOT more books!
So far i think his room is turning out super cute!
And i think Jack is enjoying it too!

Since my husband is patiently waiting for me to finish unpacking the garage i've decided to do a post each day about what I've accomplished!
Then once all the rooms are unpacked I'll start decorating each room and sharing my ideas with you!

I hope you enjoy getting a peek into our life!
 Tomorrow I'll be headed into my bedroom!
Till Next Time,

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