Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Moving Adventure

We are finally in Manawa, WI!!!

This weekend wasn't as horrible as I expected it to go. Sure it wasn't fun, but everything seemed to happen the way it was supposed to!

Friday at 8am we went to pick up the moving truck in Stevens Point.
Once we were home and Kris had slept for a few hours we were able to finish some packing and cleaning.

At 4:15 I dropped Jack off at Kris's moms and then hurried home to help load up the truck!
 Kris was on the road by 6 and since I was by myself I went and got a fantastic Gyro and order of Onion Rings! My favorite!

After I was done eating I finished up some cleaning and then went and got Jack around 8pm. We then came home and watched a movie before bed. Which was very relaxing!
Kris was home by 10, but of course he ordered pizza since he doesn't share my enthusiasm for gyros and onion rings!!

We were able to sleep in on Saturday(8:30am) which was nice!
Jack and I also stopped by our friends next door so we could have some time with them before we had to leave.

We then came home and helped Kris load furniture and other things onto the truck.

Then while Kris and Jack took their normal afternoon nap I was able to finish cleaning.

  Kris was up around 3pm and we were able to load almost everything else up. 
Kris then ran to walmart and grabbed a couple more Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which were the only things that would take the marks off the wall.

By 6:30 we had everything loaded and after a quick walk through of the apartment we headed to Burger King and were on the road to Manawa at 7pm!

We had a wonderful drive! Kris let me use the GPS to lead us on our way and Jack spilt his chocolate milk shake all over the place!
 But we arrived at our new apartment at 8pm with smiles on our faces! 

Jack was very excited to finally be wherever it was we were "moving" to.
 He spent a good 30mins running around, opening all the doors, and playing in the closets!

Close to 9pm Kris decided that it was time to unload the truck(yuck).
Jack happily watched a movie in his new room!
 Granted we did have to set up my laptop and arrange it so he could see it from his play pen so he couldn't get out.
 But once he started watching Monsters Inc. we were able to just let him be!

We had the truck unloaded in under 2 hours!
Kris then set up our bed, and TV in our bedroom while I was able to take a nice hot bath!
 It felt so nice to finally relax! My body was feeling very soar.

The next morning we slept in till 8:45am! Which wasn't great since we were supposed to leave at 7:30 to return the truck! Oops, I think we slept thru the alarm!
 But since it was Sunday, they didn't mind that we were late so along the way to Appleton we stopped for gas some breakfast.

We arrived at the rental truck place around 11, and then headed over to Target to pick up some things.
 Jack of course had to get his Icee! The kid LOVES them, and every time we go to Target i always spoil him by buying one! Hey its, $1.29 and he is happy through the entire store!

After we were done shopping we stopped to pick up some frozen pizzas(which was a nice change from McDonald's or Burger King) and then headed home.

That afternoon we were able to empty the boxes in our kitchen and actually make a walk way through the apartment!
 But we still have allot more boxes in our garage to unpack! Which is what I'll be working on the rest of this week!
 Hopefully I'll be able to get thru them quickly since we are still without allot of every day things!!

Oh, and later this week i am hoping to get some pictures up of our new place and also our new car! That's right, last week we bought a 2006 KIA Optima! It's beautiful and i love it!!

I hope you enjoy hearing about our adventure!

Till Next Time,

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