Monday, October 10, 2011

Stung By a Bee!

This afternoon Jackson was stung by a bee on his lip!
Poor baby looks so miserable!

I was working on a project at the breakfast bar while he was playing in the living room. 
He kept playing with the sliding glass door so I reminded him to keep it closed. Once he had closed the door I turned to focus on something when all of a sudden he was screaming! 
Come to find out a bee had gotten inside and then stung him on the lip!! 
I immediately went running to my husband(who was sleeping) and after talking to my Mom and friend Michelle we decided that the best option was to give him some med's and wait it out.
Poor guy is having trouble drinking but the med's seems to be helping with the swelling.
And now he is contently watching Go, Diego, Go while enjoying a sucker!
I just hope he will be able to eat dinner tonight. I'm thinking soup sounds good!
Please pray that he will be feeling better soon!

Till Next Time,

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