Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Goal: Kitchen & Bathroom

Today i planned on finishing my bedroom. But my wonderful husband had other plans!
But since he will(hopefully) be gone tomorrow I'm hoping to finish it then!

So today i decided to tackle the Kitchen!
 Boy was it messy!!
Basically i finished unpacking more boxes and put items into cabinets and drawers.
Once all the other rooms are unpacked I'm hoping to hang things on walls and reorganize everything that i put away today.

But now my Kitchen is livable!
 Hopefully Kris will soon feel the need to move his computer stuff to his desk!
And of course my adorable kid found the muffins that i made earlier!
Good thing he's soo cute!!

This morning i was also able to finish the Bathroom!
It feels so great to have a few rooms that are almost normal!

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow! I'm hoping to unpack my bedroom!
And if things go according to schedule I'm hoping to share a craft idea next week!!

Till Next Time,

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