Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We are "ick"!

Yes it is true...We are sick! 
Or as Jack keeps telling me "Momma I ick"
Sunday night Jack started throwing up.
It lasted through the night and part of Monday.
He hasn't really wanted to do anything but watch movies.
FYI: The pillow case was in the wash :@)
Last night was also rough on him. 
Poor guys tummy was to upset to sleep much. 
But he did sleep in this morning! 
Today he seems much better and is actually eating!
BUT I managed to catch his bug.
Which totally stinks since I had this Giveaway planned for my blog!
But I guess it will have to wait till later.
Oh, and as a Thank You for being so patient I will also be including a matching flower with the Reversible Bag! 

Be sure to check back soon(okay, so maybe not to soon since I am verily typing this) for all the details on the Giveaway!

Till Next Time,

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  1. Hi, Hope you are both feeling better. I made some curling iron holders..gave some away for xmas. I you are interested, I could send you a picture. Quite easy. Love your blog. And love and hugs to all of you.