Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jack's Eye Appointment & FISH!

When Jack was 9months old he was diagnosed with 4th Nerve Palsy which basically means that the eye has trouble moving around.  
We were given a list of things to watch for and was told to come back the following year.

So we went back at 18months and it was determined that it was not in fact 4th Nerve but instead 6th nerve!
Which is happier news because it means that the eye is functioning but it can not turn outward. 
Since his eyes were still very small we decided to hold off on dilating them until his next visit. 

Well today was that visit. 
They started off by placing the drops in his eyes(not fun).
Then after waiting a few minuets the doctor finally came! 
And according to him it looks like the nerve in the left eye is finally starting to work!
He says that he can defiantly see the eye moving, which is a positive sign that the eye may out grow the palsy! Yay!!
We did find out that his right eye is much more far sighted then it should be.
 So we will have to watch him through this year since Jack tends to close that eye when he has trouble seeing. 
But over all his eyes are very healthy!

For Christmas Jack received a fish aquarium!! 
So today after Jack's appointment we headed on over to PETCO!!!
Of course we had to look at all the animals in the store.
Jack thought that the Guinea Pigs were cute. 
But of course he is his daddy's boy and...
 LOVED the Ferrets!
 I guess they are kinda cute!
Then it was time to head to the FISH section!
We had fun looking at all the different kinds!
 And after spending many minuets looking at them it was finally time to get ours!
Then we had to wander the store looking for the other supplies that we needed.
Jack's favorite stop was the birds!
Then it was time to head home.

Here's a look at our finished aquarium
Jack LOVES it!
 He says that the fish are cute!
Thank You Grandpa & Grandma Radomski!!!!
We LOVE our fish!!!!

Till Next Time,

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