Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Adventure with Potty Training: Day 15

 Today has been spent getting Jack back on track for potty training since this past weekend he was not feeling good and spent the days in a diaper. 
He was not very happy about it, but since he needed to be changed every 45mins it just seemed easier to me.
But today things have gone so well! 
He was VERY happy to put on his "Choo Choo roos"! 
Plus, they've been dry ALL morning!!
So here's our Potty Training Routine! 
Each morning after breakfast Jack gets to pick out a pair of under-roos!
Then we set the timer for 20mins.
While the clock clicks down we do our usual stuff.
He LOVES doing puzzles!
Then once the timer goes off we head into the bathroom. 
I try to get him to sit on the pot for as long as he can. 
Sometimes it's 10 seconds and other times it's 3mins. 
It really just depends on him.
If he does "go" on the pot he gets a treat!
Which is his favorite part!
I deiced to label the jars that way even  Daddy knows how many he gets since Jack will tell you that he needs more! 
Once we are done in the bathroom we reset the clock and start all over again!
 Hopefully everything will click for him soon! 
But we have been making some progress!
Do you have any tips for potty training?
If so PLEASE let me know!!

Till Next Time,

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