Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Day

Jack woke up with only one thing on his mind!
So of course we ate our breakfast(chocolate chocolate chip muffins) and then headed out the door to play!
Of course he took one step and immediately feel down to touch the snow.
And then he had to take his glove off so he could really touch the snow. 
At which point he calmly stood up and said "Eewww cold!".
So we put the glove back on so he could play!
But of course he fell down again...
and then realized that it was easier to crawl around on the snow! 
Here's a cute video of Jack crawling around!
Isn't he cute? 

Here's a video of Jack playing!
I'm so glad that he had fun!
He was even sad to go inside.
But the snow will be here for many more months so i know we will have more Snow Days!

Hope your staying warm!!

Till Next Time,

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