Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jack is Talking!!

So my oh so smart Jack-Jack is starting to talk! 

This month on the 24th he will offically be 2 1/2!!!
Where has my little baby boy gone? 

Here are a few of his favorite words:

"Hi" --He says "Hi" to anyone at any time! 

"No"-- He is two after all! lol 

"Where'd it go?"-- Where did it go? is the question that i hear over 100 times a day!
 He is ALWAYS asking "where'd it go?".

"Shhooe"--Jack-Jack loves his shoes!
If it's time to go anywhere he will get his shoes & socks for you to put on him!

"Oh Dear!"-- I think we must watch Winnie the Pooh to much!

"Hot Chochlate" This is a new phrase!
 While visiting my mom last week Jack learned about a wonderful drink called "Hot Chocolate"!

"Here u go"--He says this ALL the time too!
 He even says it to himself when he gets something!

"Tank you!"--This is my favorite!
 It melts my heart every time i see him smile and say "tanks momma"!!

We have also been working on naming body parts(head, ears, nose, eyes, ect) and counting! 
He has been doing a very good job!

Yesterday i asked if he would like to go to the library with me. 
He said "Yeah! Go! Shhooes" and then ran to the closet  but he came back with only one shoe which he held out to me and said "Shhooe".
I said "Jack, you only have one shoe but you have two feet." 
He looked a little confused so i showed him what i meant by pointing and counting his feet. 
He then smiled at me and put his shoe in front of a foot and said "one, two, feet! One shhooe"!
I said, "Right! You have two feet but only one shoe!"
So he then ran to the closet and brought me his other shoe and said "One, two shhooe!" 

Of course we did a bit of a happy dance! 
It was the first time he actually counted and understood! 
He is getting so big and smart!! 

Here is a video that i took of Jack this morning! 

Later this week i'm thinking about posting a recipe for No Bake Cookies!!

Till Next Time,

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