Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Snow!!!

Today we woke up to...
Such an early surprise! But we will defiantly take it!
Since moving to Wisconsin i have defiantly found a love for snow!
Yes i do enjoy looking at it from the nice warm inside!
 But i guess that's better then hating it!
Besides, I live in Wisconsin where we have snow 6months out of the year!

Oh, and we didn't just get a little bit. 
Here's a picture at 11am.
We actually lost power and internet shortly after this picture was taken. 
It didn't turn on until after 1pm.

Here's some pictures from 2pm.
Thankfully they did plow the road! 
At 2pm they estimated 4.6 inches of snow on the ground! 
Now an hour later they say we have a total of 5.2 inches and are expecting another 2 inches.
The power also keeps flickering on and off but the end of snow is in sight!
 It's supposed to stop snowing later tonight! 

Day's like today makes me so thankful for my crock pot! 
Tonight we are having Vegetable Beef Stew and...
Honey Wheat Bread!!

I hope your staying warm!

Till Next Time,

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