Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is Jack's favorite movie lately! And if you ask him what movie he would like to watch he will tell you "P-Pen" which is super super cute! But then again I'm his momma so i tend to think that just about everything is super cute! ;~)

But since he loves Peter Pan so much I've been thinking that he might enjoy a costume! I know that he's not quite at the age for dressing up. But he is 2!! So dressing up days(in boyish costumes) should hopefully be right around the corner! Right?! Or am i just being a crafty mom who is dying to make her kid a Peter Pan costume just because i can?!  I think I'll keep my eyes open for discounted fleece sales!!

Have you made your kids any costumes? What did you make them? Did they enjoy it?

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  1. We are soooo deep in dress up days with cassia! She has a huge dress up box and just about every day she's dressed upon all kinds of random stuff