Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Scarfs!!

Guess What? New Scarfs have been added to my Shop! Aren't they CUTE??

I had a customer buy a Scarf this week and since i was pulling out fabric to make one i thought that i  might as well go ahead and make the others that i had planned!

Each scarf turned out completely different then how i planned. But that's okay since i personally love them all!

So here's a quick look at each one!
This one turned out so...delicate and cute! I just can't help but smile when i look at it!
I think it lays so cutely when i wear it! It did turn out a little shorter then what i was expecting  but that's easy to fix for anyone who would like it longer!

This Scarf is just so much fun! And I'm glad that at the last minuet i decided to do three rows down the middle instead of just one since i think it adds that extra touch of "Funk" to it!
It's a little short and kind fat! But it sure looks good when you wear you!
If you would like this Scarf longer Please let me know!

This Scarf just screams DRAMA to me! It is so incredibly LONG at 92" long!
And with the ruffled diamond design in the middle it's prefect to add that touch of class to your outfit!

So what do you think? Which Scarf is your favorite?

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Till Next Time,

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  1. I love the green zebra one! They're all awesome though :)