Friday, August 26, 2011

A Friday Night filled with Fun!

For those of you who didn't know, my husband recently started a new job(yay) and is working 3rd shift. So far Jack has been doing great about having his daddy gone at night! And tonight he happily said "bye-bye" when his daddy had to leave and even gave him a quick kiss and then promptly shut the door on him! lol  

And since it's Friday Night and daddy is gone i thought that we'd have a movie night! But first we needed to eat dinner and then play outside since it was beautiful out!

Well dinner went great! He ate all his food(even the broccoli)! Then we ran around on the grass for awhile but once i was ready for a rest he decided it was time to start being a bad boy! He started pulling up grass, and then digging holes in the ground which resulted in him getting covered in dirt and in trouble. So we decided to go inside and play. Once inside i realized that he was STINKY!!! So i changed him. Then he found his hat and decided to wear it. Which is great since i had no idea where his hat was since it's been missing for a few days!
  But what do you do when your 2 yr old is bored and keeps getting into trouble and you don't want to just set them in front of the TV???
Well, a while ago we made some homemade play dough and tonight i decided to pull it out and let him have some fun! And since daddy wasn't home and the floor was clean i thought that I'd just let him play on the floor.
Which was perfect since he was having a BLAST!
Except that his water bottle had fallen over and was leaking water all over the floor. Which then resulted in the play dough turning into this...icky sticky stuff!
Which he then spread all over me, my clean floor, then my couch, and my camera and of course himself! So the icky sticky kid got a bath!
Which was probably his favorite part! But then i decided to just give in and let him watch his movie even though it was verily 6pm!!
Which i guess is okay since he does love Monsters Inc. and i personally love a happy kid!
 I'm thinking that he might be sleepier then i thought! So maybe I'll be able to get him to bed on time tonight without to much work!
Isn't he cute?

So here is a list of quick and easy homemade play dough recipes for you and your kids!

Oh, and here's a look at yesterday's Dirt Experience! When i found him he was covered in dirt/mud so i decided to take his clothes off so i could just run him inside to the sink. Well he decided to just take off the diaper! And of course, once the diaper is gone every boy has to itch!

I hope you are having as much fun as i am this weekend!

Till Next Time,

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