Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello and Welcome to my Blog!! I hope you enjoy getting a closer look into my life!!!

Tomorow my Facebook page will be having a Giveaway!! So be sure to check back in the morning to hear all about it!

In other news: The Radomski's have been doing well! God has truely been blessing us!!! This past week Kris accepted a new job!! (Yay!) He will be starting next week! The schedule will be hard to get used to at first, but i know it will be worth it!!

Jack has been growing like a weed! He is getting so tall and thin but boy does he love to eat!! Another thing that is growing is his vocabulary! He is starting to pick up words and make small sentances that i didn't even relieze he knew what they ment. He is such a blessing to have!  It's amazing how time flys, but i can honestly say that i enjoy watching him grown and learn new things every day!

                                                            Till Next Time,

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