Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey Strangers!

Things have been pretty busy for us!
For those of you who didn't know, last month we had trouble with our car...Again.
But don't worry, we got it back on Monday! 
Now we are slowly getting back to normal. 
Well we were trying...Here's what Jack did last night!
After Jack woke up from his nap he politely asked to watch a movie on our bed.
I didn't think anything of it since it's always been a special treat for him. 
And he's pretty much always behaved. 
But this time he had fun emptying out the vanity in our room.
I was not a happy mom.
But at least he got to enjoy a bubble bath!

My silly boy has also been enjoying all the rain we've been getting since it means he can go outside and look for worms!!
But now that the sun is coming out I'm hoping that he can spend more time outside!
I hope you're enjoying the spring weather too!

Be sure to head over to my Mom's new blog Kim's Path!!!
She has some really awesome photos up from her recent trip to New Zealand!

Till Next Time,

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