Monday, March 12, 2012

Muddy Days

Today we woke up to rain!
Jack didn't care for it to much since it meant he couldn't play outside(it was cold and windy) but once the rain stopped and the sun came out we headed outside! 
Boy did we have fun running and kicking the ball around!
 It had rained soo much that the grass was super soggy.
 Jack had fun running as fast as he could and then falling into the mud. 
 I must say that I am very thankful  for the rain!
We haven't had much snow this year, so I know that our area can really use the water. 
Once we went back inside I told Jack he could watch Little Einsteins before nap time if he took off his hat, sweatshirt, and overalls. 
Which he did, and then he quietly curled up on his chair for 30mins. 
And now I am contemplating the idea of baking some scones!

I hope you have a great day!

Till Next Time, 
Kate & Jack

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