Monday, June 18, 2012

NEW Job!

Yes I know.
I've been pretty MIA lately.
I am SUPER sorry but I've been busy!!
With what you may ask?
Yep, that's right.
 I got a job!!!

A few months ago my husband Kris took a job at Innovative Services!
The company is really great!
They provides assistance to Developmentally Disabled and Special Needs people.
So after a couple weeks of Kris loving his job at the crisis center, I applied for a direct care position where I get to:
Teach skill sets to increase independence such as: cooking, cleaning, grooming, etc.

I also am able to take the client out into the community which is allot of fun!
    So far this job has been an answer to prayers!!
    As soon as my training is finished, I'll basically be on a Casual/On-Call schedule.
    Which means I'll be able to pick up any extra shift that is available and works with my schedule or just come in when needed.
    But otherwise, I just get to be a stay at home mom to Jack but with a few more $$$$ in my pocket!

    Soooo, now that things are looking to slow down for me be sure to keep your eyes open for a few items added to the shop!
    (I'm about to start work on a few surprises)
    Plus I'm hoping to get back to blogging!!

    I hope your having a great day!!
    We have been blessed with a hot and muggy day.
    But I'm praying that the rain will come soon!

    Till Next Time,

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