Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chart's for Jack-Jack!

Hello People,
So since we now have a 3 year old around I thought it would ba great time to put him to work!
Okay, okay not really.
But I did whip up a cute
Chore Chart
and a
Potty Chart!!
Jack is WAY into stickers right now, so I thought why not make him a way to use them!
And they were super easy and cheap to make!
Here's What you'll Need:
Poster Bored(0.68c)
Washable Markers($2.99 at Target)
Ruler(had on hand)
Like I mentioned eariler, it's super easy!
Step 1. Decied what size you'd like your chart, and then measure and cut.
Step 2. Measure and add the colums.
Step 3. Fill in the spaces!
I choose to leave tthe colums bigger that way each time he goes we can just add a sticker to the slot.
For each "Uh-Oh!" I will draw in a sad face that way we can keep track of how many accidents there are a day.
Step 4. Hang Up!
I did the same with the Chore Chart.
I tried to add things that we all ready do with him.
Next time i'll add: Feeding the Fish and Picking Up the Patio to the list.
And this fall we will be adding: Practice Memory Verse 

Jack was very excited to see the chart!
(Yes I did make him a smaller chart for this week)
I hope he enjoys adding the stickers!!

Till Next Time,

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