Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sooooooo I finally did it.
I joined Pintrest!!!
Yes I know that originally I didn't want to be addicted to my computer 24/7, but I must admit that Pintrest is fun!

I have been loving the fact that I can do a quick search for things!
Plus who doesn't love finding random ideas?
So be sure to Follow my Pintrest!!
Today while I was cleaning the kitchen, Jack started pointing at the stove saying
"Bank me Moma".
It took me a few minuets to realize that he was not saying "spank me"(which I originally thought since he was pointing at the jug that holds all our serving utensils and The Wooden Spoon) but he was saying "Bake me Moma".
As in "Please bake me something Mom".
So I decided to make:
And boy did they turn out GOOD!
I hope your having a great day!
Till Next Time,

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