Friday, April 13, 2012

Baking Soda instead of Powder...

This week has been busy. 
Our car has been in the shop(again) for over a week now.
Normally this wouldn't be such a problem since we are kinda used to it now.
Except that our car seat got left in it :~(
Poor Jack-Jack has felt soo trapped lately!
We have been having fun outside taking walks and playing whenever it's nice out. 
But the poor kid is ready to have a day out and about!

Also this past week while grocery shopping I manged to find a great deal on Zucchini!
So today I decided why not try my hand at baking some bread?
Everything was going great until I realized that I had put baking Soda in instead of baking Powder!
I don't think it raised quite like it was supposed to.
But it still tastes pretty good!
Plus my kid LOVES it!!
I hope your having a great day!

Till Next Time,


  1. Oh man. I stinking LOVE zucchini bread! Your blog always makes me sooo hungry. haha

  2. Lol Thanks! I LOVE food so why not share all the yummy recipes that I have!!

    I think I've almost gotten all the quirks out of this recipe so soon i'll be sharing it! I think it will make yummy muffins too!!