Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're Home!

Hello Hello!!!
Well, after a few days visiting my family Jack and I are finally home!
Okay, so we came home Thursday but yesterday we had an "us" day and just watched movies!
Today has been the productive day since we've been unpacking, cleaning and doing some laundry!

This trip was ALOT of fun! 
That Friday night was the Ladies' Tea at my moms church.
My mom was beyond thrilled because not only was I able to be with her but also because my brother's girlfriend Kayla was too!
The tea was lovely!
And the best part??? 
My wonderful mom gave the devotion!
She did an amazing job teaching us about Modesty!

On Saturday my Dad took us to breakfast at The Original Pancake House
My favorite!
And then we did some shopping at Good Will!

Sunday we went to church!
Poor Jack had a hard time understanding why we couldn't go to "His chuch" but by Sunday night he was doing really good!

And Monday thru Wednesday was spent spending time with each other!
Jack also seemed to enjoy this trip!
He LOVED being aloud to watch tv in his Uncle Drew's bed!
And he thought it was even cooler that he was aloud to eat cheerios!
He was able to spend an entire day with his Gram while I spent the morning running errands with Drew!
That afternoon I was also able to spend some time with my friend Samantha in Milwaukee.
Overall I think our trip was a HUGE success!
Especially since my Dad bought me Sushi twice while I was there!
Now that things are finally getting back to normal I am hoping to get back on my normal blogging schedule! 
Oh, and guess what?
Next week i'll be introducing Clutches into my shop! 
So be sure to stop by to get all the info on them!!

Till Next Time,

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