Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a Quick Update!

Hello Hello!
Here is a quick update on whats been happening with us!

About 10 days ago our car broke down!
Yes, they one that we just got in Sept. 

We had to have it towed to a shop here in Manawa where they determined that the timing belt was bad. 
So they fixed it, but then something else was wrong and the guy was asking for way to much money and estimating that it would take 2 weeks to fix. 
So we decided to have the car towed to our usual shop in Stevens Point(45mins away). 
Thankfully they were able to figure out the problem(I guess a valve needed to be replaced) and they dropped our car off yesterday! 
Plus we were able to save some money which is always a good thing!

So on Thanksgiving Jack and Kris both had horrible colds.
Well, over the last few weeks Jack's cough has gotten worse and he's acquired a fever. 
He did see our pediatrician on the 3rd for his 30month check up and everything looked good other then he had a fever of 100 and a bad cough. 
But this week we decided that he needed to see the doctor since he hasn't been getting any better. And today his fever reach 102.8. 

So today we saw the doctor.
 Everything is looking good!
 Thankfully he dose not have pneumonia. But it looks like he has a virus. 
So he's on amoxicillin  for the next 10 days.  
We are hoping to see some improvement within the next 3-5 days!

I've also been working on a fantastic Custom Bag and Wallet order!!
I am crazy in LOVE with the fabric!! 

Oh, and I've also been working on some scarves!
 But you will have to wait until after Christmas to see pics! 

I hope your having a great day!

Till Next Time,

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